In the Fall of 2016, I was accepted into a study abroad program affiliated with James Madison University to spend the entire Fall semester of 2017 in Salamanca, Spain. There, I will live with a host family, take classes taught entirely in Spanish, and travel as much of Europe as my heart (and wallet) desires.

When I was first accepted, it felt surreal because I had only been taking Spanish since May of that year! A part of me kept saying, “Are you sure you want to do this?” But in the end, I know that I not only have a true passion for Spanish, and have accelerated quickly through the program (not by choice, but out of necessity!), but I also have a great support network that is willing to help me on the way. Two very close friends of mine, one actually being my roommate, happen to be attending the same study abroad due to a series of fortunate coincidences.

Since there is still a mere 210 days till I arrive in Salamanca (but who’s counting?), I was hesitant to even write a post on this blog that I had prepared to document my travels on. However, little did I know that JMU would almost immediately start scheduling meetings for my group and me to begin the long process of preparing for our 3 1/2 month journey. So, it felt fitting to document this part – the waiting part – too.

Side note: At the top and bottom of my blog, I have a section that says “location” and a map with a highlighted country. I am planning to update this blog regularly while I’m abroad so that it will always have up to date information about where in the world I am.

Of course, for the next 210 days, it’ll probably just say Virginia.


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