Yesterday, I had my second orientation meeting with my study abroad group. We covered a lot of information, including VISAs, class registration, and housing. I am still amazed at how small our cohort is – only 11 people (6 girls, and 5 guys)! It’s strange to think that I will be spending 3.5 months abroad with these people, but I am excited to get to know them.

As far as VISAs are concerned, I am very confused. Since I have dual citizenship with the U.S and the U.K, I am an EU citizen, which means I don’t need a student VISA for certain countries. I am not particularly sure whether Spain is one of those countries, but I really hope so because that would save me A LOT of paperwork.

This was the first time we got to see the finalized list of classes being offered in Salamanca, which was cool. We “signed” up for the ones we wanted to take, but it was more for the purpose of gauging interest. We will have a chance to officially register later in the semester.

So far, my classes are:

  • SPAN 307 – History of Spanish Civilization
  • SPAN 477 – Culture and Medicine
  • SPAN 365 – Medical Spanish
  • SPAN 320 – Oral and Written Communication
  • SPAN 400 – Advanced Conversation

There is also a visual media class being offered by the faculty member on our trip, so I am considering taking that class as well.

Lastly, we discussed housing and filled out an application with important information regarding allergies, diet, preferences, etc. Since our group is so small, our program director said there is a high probability we will all get our own rooms, but we will still live two to a house.

205 days to go…


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