Today was the massive study abroad orientation that included all the long term programs in the coming year. At JMU, that not only includes Salamanca, but also Florence, Antwerp, London, and Scotland. We were given a basic rundown of the hoops we would have to jump through in the coming weeks, which was both exciting and nerve-inducing. They also provided a student panel which was cool because we got to hear about the experiences of other students who had been on these trips before.

Most exciting news of the day, however, is that I booked my flight! I officially have a ticket that will get me from Virginia to Spain on August 30th, 2017!

It’s a connecting flight with Delta because they had the cheapest fares I could find with a mainstream airline. I originally was looking at Norwegian Airlines or Icelandair but they both could not get me to Madrid before 1pm on the 31st, which is when our shuttle leaves for Salamanca.

My Delta flight will take me to JFK first for a short two-hour layover and then I will be off to Madrid. The only bad thing about the connecting flight is that on the first one, I can only check one bag but I have the ability to check two free bags on the second one. I really want to take advantage of checking two free bags but that means I’d have to pay an additional $100 to bring it on the first flight.

Tips are welcome for how to fly comfortably and safely by yourself on an international flight. I’ve flown internationally many times before but never on my own!



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