Yesterday, I attended another Salamanca orientation meeting.

We talked a lot about simple logistics like phones, internet service, adapters, and packing essentials. Obviously, I can still use my iPhone with WIFI but our program also offers a rental phone to use for the semester so that our faculty members can contact us. I also already have adapters for the EU plug, but I don’t have a converter so if anyone has suggestions of which one to buy, let me know!

We also got to talk about HOST FAMILIES, which is what I am most excited about for this trip. At JMU, the Salamanca program is the only one with a language requirement and homestay opportunity. JMU provides a stipend for our host families to cook all of our meals, do our linens and laundry, and pack our lunches for excursions – which is crazy to me! I’ve never had anyone pack my lunch for me in my life!

My last update is that I received confirmation that I do NOT need a visa since I am an EU citizen. This means no paperwork, no fees, and no trips to the Spanish embassy over the summer. I am very relieved because this is one less thing for me to worry about.

I don’t have another meeting until mid-March because Spring Break is next week. However, I have a couple of posts planned to share studying tips for Spanish and what plans I have for travel, so stay tuned.

Do you have any packing essentials that you recommend? I’d love to hear them 🙂



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