Yesterday, we had our LAST official meeting for study abroad. There is still a lot of information they have not given us (itinerary, housing placements, etc) but we got to meet our program director who works at the University of Salamanca.

We went over some more technical information like climate, meal times, and clothing. I am happy to hear that Spain has a similar climate to us but it is just drier. I HATE humidity, so I am excited to escape that while I’m over there.

The most exciting bit news we were given is that we are GOING TO MOROCCO. Some friends and I were already planning on going but if it is incorporated into the program, the trip is paid for at no extra costs. We were told it is not final yet but it is looking like a definite.

After the meeting, we had a group bonding dinner at a local restaurant. I got to talk a lot to some students who are going on the summer trip, which is only 6 weeks. It was interesting how different their experience is compared to ours since they will be there for a shorter time.

As for now, the waiting game is on. Since there will be no more meetings as a group, the rest of the information will be emailed to us as the time goes on.

150 days a way from Spain! Hard to believe I started this blog while it was in the 200s!



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