Summer Lovin’, Had Me a Class…

Excuse me for the Grease reference.

Last week, I signed up for the LAST CLASS between me and Salamanca — SPAN 300. Since that course title doesn’t mean anything to a non-JMU student, this course is basically the last grammar intensive Spanish class in my curriculum. Typically, it is taken during a full-length semester but since I am leaving for Spain in August, I had to sign up to take it during the May session.

This means that I will be taking a three-hour class, four days a week, for four weeks, that assesses my ability to use every single grammar principle I have learned thus far. It is pretty crazy to me that just a year ago, last May, I was taking my very first Spanish class. I have worked so hard, and I’m honestly proud of my progress. Of course, my Spanish journey to fluency will continue for years to come, but this is a big milestone that I cannot wait to accomplish!

Any tips to remember complex conjugations and clauses is much appreciated!


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