My 20 Birthday Wishes

Today is my 20th birthday!

I am not only thankful that I have had the most supportive family and friends these past two decades, but also that I am fortunate enough to be standing here with two feet firmly planted in the ground. I am so excited for the years to come because I am getting closer and closer to my dream profession, and making a life that is truly my own.

I’ve decided that in celebration of turning 20, I will make 20 wishes for the next year of my life so that I continue growing towards the person I hope to be.

1) Focus on the HOW, not the WHAT

In light of the election and political climate, I have really found myself dwelling on the negative. Obviously, there is a lot to be done but it is easier to talk on and on about WHAT needs changing, rather than HOW we can change it. 

2) Journal more and practice self-care

3) Say YES to opportunities

4) Develop new skills and enhance the old

5) Have experiences working with new populations

6) Eat clean, healthy, and consciously

During my Maymester period, I am going to go vegetarian just to practice thinking consciously about my food and see how my body feels. I know for a fact I probably won’t continue it after the month, especially because I do not want to have dietary restrictions in Salamanca. However, I do want to reduce my meat consumption in general.

7) Continue blogging (duh!)

8) Create and stick to a budget

9) Get a credit card (this is a weird one, but I need to start building credit)

10) Build up my resume

11) Make new friends

12) Maintain an organized, only slightly hectic life/environment

13) Improve upon my self-identified weaknesses in social work (stress management & conflict resolution)

14) Speak Spanish as often as possible!

15) Read more books for leisure

16) Travel – even if it is just to another state or city

17) Continue current fitness routine (and expand!)

18) Network – as hard and annoying as it can be, it really does pay off

19) Take more pictures & videos for ~the memories~

20) Enjoy being 20 🙂





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