My Spanish posts have become less frequent over the last couple weeks – not because my love or excitement for the language has lessened – but rather that I’m starting to feel the pre-study abroad jitters.

Since November, I have been overwhelmed with anticipation and have spent months researching clothing styles, foods, places, and the content of other study abroad blogs. The fact that I was going to be spending 3+ months abroad seemed like a dream – an experience that would never actually come.

BUT by now, I have not only had my last study abroad orientation meeting, but I have also registered for classes. In almost every class, my peers around me are discussing next semester and comparing schedules. At the writing center, where I work, everyone is signing their paperwork for rehire. It is only just hitting me that I am actually going to Spain.

Do not misinterpret this as I am having second thoughts or regrets – I am still so excited. But the novelty and wonder of it is starting to wear off, and I am now confronted with the very real anxiety and worries that come with studying abroad for so long.

Do I  know Spanish well enough?

Will I pass my classes?

Will I make friends?

I know I will feel calmer once I get my housing and roommate assignments, as well as my itinerary, but for now, I am just playing the waiting game.

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