Finals Week Survival

First off, let me apologize for not posting last Thursday! The end of the semester is hitting me hard, and I let it slip through my fingers.

In light that of that, I decided to post my FINALS WEEK SURVIVAL TIPS – which is basically just a collection of the crazy organized things I do to prepare for exams.

Now, there are many ways you could do this, on varying levels of crazy. I always think its a good idea to establish goals for when you are going to complete certain assignments or study guides before the exam. Hopefully, your self-set due date is a couple days before the actual test, forcing you to get it done and then have time to actually STUDY from your prepared materials. If you are like me, this is done very meticulously because you like to micromanage everything in your life.


Like I talked about in my How to Study for Spanish post, quizlet is my best friend. In my study plan, I very specifically note when I will have my quizlets done for certain classes. I then run through them so many times that I am reciting the steps to implement social work policy in my sleep.


The biggest trap I fall into is burning out and wasting hours doing something unproductive in order to recharge. I have found that if I schedule my days thoroughly, providing times to relax and do something fun, I am more productive during my study sessions. It’s nice to plan out a couple of fun things throughout the week so that you have something to look forward to. If I study when I told myself I’d study, I also get through my study plan a lot easier.


I tend to hole myself up in the Charles Dickens section on the 3rd floor of Carrier during finals. However, if I uproot myself for even an hour to go to the gym, I find that I can concentrate much better once I go back to studying. Go for a walk, play a game of volleyball, do some yoga – your body needs the break just as much as your brain does!


Go to the store before the stress hits because once you are waist deep in studying, you are not going to want to head to the nearest Martin’s. By buying healthy study snacks and some of my favorite dinner options, I can prepare meals to bring to the library rather than doing the 5th Chick-fil-a run in a row. Good, healthy food will help fuel your brain and keep you going for a lot longer.


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