My Trip to Disney

I’m back!

Disney World was unsurprisingly a wonderful experience. Even though it was only 4 days, it was the perfect amount of vacation time to re-energize before I return to JMU for the summer semester.

Here are the highlights of each day as well as my OOTDs

Day 1:
Blue knit shorts (Target) & White blouse (Garage) & Blue flannel (thrift store)

We landed early in the morning and hit Hollywood Studios later in the day. The weather was perfect and the wait times were relatively low for the most part. We hit all the major rides and attractions – like Tower of Terror and Rock n’ Roller Coaster. However, the Rock n’ Roller Coaster did require a 2-hour wait, which was less than desirable but inevitably worth it.

Day 2:
Black crop top (Garage) & Patterned shorts (boutique in the U.K,)

Animal Kingdom was next on our list and it was definitely one of my favorite days. We split the day into two parts, allowing us some time in the middle to go back to the resort. In the morning, we hit all the best rides (including the safari) and grabbed some lunch. We then went back to our Port Orleans resort and ate beignets while relaxing poolside. Later, we went back to Animal Kingdom to hit some more attractions – and ended up riding Expedition Everest a total of 7 years. For dinner, we went to the Yak & Yeti, which was absolutely delicious.

Day 3:
image1 (6)
White peasant shirt (Target) & vintage high-waisted shorts (Etsy)







Epcot was the day of FOOD. We got there early and enjoyed a breakfast in France of fresh bread and cheese. We hit all the best rides pretty early, but I was actually pretty disappointed my Test Track, which was one of my favorite rides when I visited Disney World previously. We had lunch in England and dinner in Mexico – which was definitely my favorite meal of the entire trip. I got these delicious fried fish tacos which were to die for.

Day 4:
image1 (7)
Red, white, and blue romper (Target)

Our last day was the big finale – MAGIC KINGDOM! It was so much fun and definitely had the best rides. We got there almost an hour before opening to make sure we got everything done. Our first course of action was Space Mountain, of course, which is such a cool ride. However, my favorite ride in the entirety of Disney World is Big Thunder Mountain. We ate at Chrystal Palace and got to meet the entire Pooh family too.

I will be posting more about this trip later – including more photos – so stay tuned!


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