St. Mary’s Waterfall

“Nature is not a place to visit. It is HOME.” -Gary Snyder

Hiking Adventure #1

I went hiking last week with my roommate Isabelle and her cousin Will. Since he is a Harrisonburg-native, he took us to a spot close by that rewarded us with a beautiful waterfall at the end of an hour and a half long hike.

The hike was beautiful but challenging at times. Don’t be like me and think normal sneakers and socks will suffice for a hike like this – invest in water shoes! The trail requires you to cross the river multiple times, and although my sneakers did the job, I would have much rathered to have more appropriate footwear.


We were lucky that the river was full, making the waterfall rushing and vibrant. Since we were going to be going cliff diving, knowing you were jumping into deep water made my chance of actually going through it a lot higher.

An important note, however, in regards to jumping at this site is that there isn’t a huge hole that you are jumping into. It isn’t tiny but it’s not like there is no room for error either. That said, every member of my party jumped and made it out okay, so the odds are definitely in your favor.

There are two cliffs to jump from. One is about 10-15 ft above the water and the other is around 25 ft. Isabelle and I both did one jump off the smaller one, while Will took a couple of leaps of faith off both.

I had never jumped off a cliff before, and it was both one of the most exhilarating and terrifying things I have ever done. I’m glad I got the guts to do it but I don’t think I will do it anytime soon.


I am planning on going on more hikes in the next coming weeks, so I hope to post more about the beautiful trails found in the good ol‘ Shenandoah Valley.

UPDATE: If you would like to see a video of me making the jump, check out my instagram @jemmss



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