Lee, Massachusetts

This weekend, I visited the town my father grew up in to spend time with my grandmother. Since she is turning 99 years old, we wanted to make sure we could celebrate together.

Lee, Massachusetts is a town that feels as if it is frozen in time. Every single summer since I was born, we have driven up there for typically a week at a time. When my cousins and I were much younger, those trips served as an annual reunion, but as schedules and lives became more complicated, visiting became independent of each family.

My grandmother’s birthday is June 11th but since this weekend was Memorial Day, it was a perfect time for us to come up. David and I spent our time extracting stories from my grandma and exploring the town of Lee.


My beautiful grandmother!


My family’s history in Lee runs very deep, tracing back to the 1800s. However, those stories shared from our matriarch will have to be for another post.

If you are ever interested in visiting Lee, or happen to be visiting one of the nearby towns – Stockbridge, Lenox, etc – here are some of the highlights (w/ pictures and captions).
IMG_6014 2
Massive tree next to the Catholic church
Spotted at Lee Library



(excuse my post-travel appearance)

This Friendlys is over 70 years old!

There is so many great spots for your dog to enjoy itself – our pup’s favorite spot was in the old farmyard next to my grandmother’s house.

Also worth knowing:

The famous artist, Norman Rockwell, was from Stockbridge, which was right outside of Lee. There are many spots in town that appeared in his paintings – and my grandfather used to be his doctor!


You can visit Joe’s Diner in Lee – the setting of this painting by Norman Rockwell!

That’s all I have to share about a few of my favorite things about Lee, Massachusetts but there are many more things that make this town so special to me. However, I will save those stories for another visit, another post.




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