My Planner Tour (Spain Edition)

It is pretty easy to tell that I LOVE organization, especially if it includes colorful pens and stationary (see examples here). My love affair with different planners started in high school when I got a particularly gorgeous one from Barnes & Noble.

After that, I upped my game and eventually even invested in an Erin Condren for my freshman year of college. As much as I loved it, I did switch to a Plum Paper Planner, which I have found suits my needs better. In March, I ordered my next one since my current planner would be ending April. I made some adjustments to the layout because I would be abroad for 4 months and wanted to have a big canvas to plan all my trips and activities with.

So here it is! My May 2017-April 2018 planner – SPAIN EDITION


Typically, I am not a big fan of monograms because my initials don’t usually look good together but this was an exception.

Inside the first couple pages, there are some very aesthetically pleasing month layouts and space to put important events for each month. On the next page (not pictured) there are a bunch of unlabeled boxes to fill with dreams, goals, and ideas – but I haven’t figured out what I want to put there yet.

I prefer this style planner over the previous PPP that I had (the academic style). It is bigger, so nothing feels squished. I also take too many credits to adhere to tiny boxes anyway.

At the beginning of each month, there is a page to put your specific goals, birthdays, events, and other information – which I really like. I have a lot of fun making the little doodles at the top. Also, on the adjacent page (not pictured) there is blank space to put whatever you want (I use it for shopping lists).

Here are some examples of what the weekly view looks like. There is space at the top for misc. notes (or doodles) and then there is ample room for each day to write everything down. I love the little boxes on the right too because they are the perfect size for stickers and reminders.

So far, this planner has been amazing and will cater to my study abroad needs perfectly. I’ve already started inputting trip information and travel plans as I anxiously await Spain (which is in 90 btw)


If you are interested in reading about my study abroad experience, check out my pre-departure posts or go to the study abroad tab on my blog.


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