Quick update about my study abroad in Spain.

These updates seem to get farther and farther apart. It’s funny to me (and frustrating) that as we get closer to departure, we get less contact about plans and information.

So even though I have nothing BIG to update you all on, I am going to compile the little pieces of info that have rolled in over the last couple weeks.

First, they did contact us with questions regarding MOROCCO. We only found out that we were taking a trip to Morocco recently, so they sent us an email to confirm any food allergies and stuff like that. Bad news: They haven’t told us any concrete plans yet. Good news: This means that they are PLANNING it, and hopefully we will find out details soon.

Next, my letter from the University of Salamanca arrived! It’s basically a letter confirming that I am indeed going to be a student there and will be used to prove at the airport that we have appropriate permission to stay for long period of time in Spain. It is really cool looking and has Spanish one side and English on the other. Most important part of this: I need to NOT lose it!

My next comment to make is that I only have a little over two months before I go! So it is really getting down to crunch time. In another post, I’ll put up the (actually super helpful) check-list that the program gave us. It split up all the “to-dos” into sections of “1 year or more”, “6 months”, “3 months”, etc. At this point, I am getting down towards the bottom section of that list!

That’s all I have to say for now but please ask me any questions you have OR check out my study abroad checklist.


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