Keeping Up with Spanish

Since I have only 2 months until I head for Spain, I’ve been trying really hard to get in the habit of practicing Spanish every day.

It has actually been a lot of fun, albeit hard. But check out my list down below and see if any of these tricks will help you!


I have written posts about this in the past but seriously, I cannot emphasize this enough! Music is such a great way to immerse yourself in a language. I have some new favs, so let me know if you’d like me to do an updated music post!


Last week, I bought one of my favorite books, Little Women, in Spanish. Instead of setting page/chapter goals, I just try to read for at minimum 10 minutes a night. Usually, I can go longer, but sometimes I only get through 2-3 pages – and that’s ok! It’s hard to read literature in a different language and I find myself often stopping to look up new words, but I also have learned a lot of new vocab too!


I’ve talked about this app before too, but I make a habit of doing it every single night. It’s super fun and they have recently updated it to make it seem like more of a game. It is a great way to learn new words but also practice vocab that you ~think you know~ but you don’t really.


My friend Isabelle and I like to skype each other to practice speaking in Spanish. It is a fun way to practice verbal skills in a comfortable environment. It’s ok if you mess up and forget vocab or tenses sometimes, the important part is that you keep going and try to talk around the concepts you are having trouble articulating.



2 thoughts on “Keeping Up with Spanish

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  1. Something I do is watch a Netflix show with English audio but Spanish subtitles, pause the show before they say the line verbally, try to read the subtitles in Spanish to figure out what they’re about to say!

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    1. That’s a great idea!! I’ll definitely start doing that (I always watch my shows w English subtitles anyways lol so might as well work a little harder!)


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