Zurich, Switzerland

Last weekend, three friends and I decided to use our first free-choice excursion to go to Zurich, Switzerland. In all honesty, it was a SUPER spontaneous decision about three days before going.

Despite it being one of the most expensive cities in the world, we made the most of our time there without breaking the bank ~too~ much.

(Let me know if you are interested in a post about how we saved money during our stay!)

We arrived on Thursday night, and decided to spend our first full day on Friday in the Swiss Alps, since it was going to rain on Saturday.

Due to the extraordinarily high expenses to go to one of the larger, snow-capped mountains, we opted to take a trip to one of the smaller ones at the base of the Alps – Hochstuckli. 

Hiking the Alps was AMAZING. However, things did get a little dicey on our way home, and because of that, I am going to save the story for another post (that post is now up and available here).

Here is a sneak peek of some of the pictures from that trip:

On Saturday, we explored the city of Zurich. It rained the entire day, but we still made the most out of it. We went on a boat tour, explored the National Museum of Zurich, and saw some sick views from the top of Grossmünster Cathedral.


Of course, we also sampled the delicious chocolate and got traditional Swiss fondue at the most popular place in the city – Swiss Chuchi.

Online, they said they had no reservations but we went anyway to make sure. There was a crowd of people waiting to go in, but luckily for us, we asked just at the right time and were seated immediately!


It was seriously so good and we got free dessert because we bought a Zurich Card for the day (which allows free entry to museums, discounted rates, free transportation, and apparently free dessert, for 24 hours).

Never thought I’d be going to Switzerland, but now I am counting the days until I can go back.

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