Atlanta, Georgia: BPD Conference

Along with most of my social work professors and many of my classmates, I attended the 2017 BPD conference in Atlanta Georgia on the weekend of March 16th-18th.


San Diego ft. Mission Beach

At first, we were deciding between Ocean Beach and Pacific Beach, but we decided to go somewhere in the middle - Mission Beach. This ended up being a really awesome choice because the area was cute and lively, and the beach itself was perfect (and not too crowded).

San Diego ft. Torrey Pines Hike

Today, we decided to spend our late morning hiking in the Torrey Pines State Reserve. The park is not only super close to our hotel (in Del Mar) but it also has incredible views and trails to choose.

San Diego ft. La Jolla

Our day started our at Caroline's, which was a beautiful breakfast stop right on the beach in La Jolla, near UC San Diego. Albeit a little chilly, the outdoor seating was worth it because of the ocean view (and the food was delicious too).

Spring Break ’18

Spring break is finally here. Now that I have been bitten by the travel bug, I couldn’t wrap my head around sitting at home for the entire week. After deliberating and searching for flights, Isabelle and I were able to score tickets and a hotel arrangement in San Diego, California. I have never been to... Continue Reading →

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