San Diego ft. Torrey Pines Hike

Today, we decided to spend our late morning hiking in the Torrey Pines State Reserve. The park is not only super close to our hotel (in Del Mar) but it also has incredible views and trails to choose.


Kayaking in Occoquan, VA

This wasn't a hiking trip, but I am going to consider it one. A couple of weekends ago, I went kayaking with my boyfriend in Occoquan, Virginia. It is one of our favorite spots to visit, so we decided to enjoy the warm weather and engage in some water-related activity. It was a beautiful day,... Continue Reading →

St. Mary’s Waterfall

I went hiking last week with my roommate Isabelle and her cousin Will. Since he is a Harrisonburg-native, he took us to a spot close by that rewarded us with a beautiful waterfall at the end of an hour and a half long hike.

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