Cambridge, England

Last but not least, my finally destination was Cambridge. This is where my mother’s closest friend lives and it was important to me to spend a couple days there before I returned home.


Manchester, England: Christmas Edition

As much as I loved the south, it was time to travel up north. I was much younger the last time I went to Manchester, but I immediately fell back in love with it the moment I arrived.

London, England

The second installment of my England expedition takes place in its famed capital of London. I had two days with Isabelle to tour around the city, so we split it in half. On the first day, we hit two of my favorite things in London - the Tate Modern and the Tower of London. As... Continue Reading →

Lisbon, Portugal

The girls of the trip decided to take one last adventure together the weekend before we all parted ways. Due to the ease of getting there, Portugal seemed like an obvious choice.

Bilbao, Spain

Isabelle and I did a little duo trip together to Bilbao, Spain for our second-to-last free weekend during our study abroad experience. We were very excited because Bilbao is in the Pais Vasco and not only do they have their own language, but their own culture entirely. It is also home to one of the... Continue Reading →

Paris, France

This post will be about my brief but fun-filled trip to Paris, France in November. We left on a Thursday night, and returned on Sunday, so the trip was much too short to see everything there is to see in this beautiful city. I have been to Paris once before, but I was pretty young,... Continue Reading →

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