SOWK #5: Social Media

If I get two people to MAYBE donate old suitcases to an agency so that MAYBE two kids will be able to pack their belongings with dignity, then that post was worth it.

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Why I am Learning Spanish & You Should Too

It saddens me to see posts and videos on social media that show people degrading others for speaking another language in public. These individuals are in for a big shock since a number of bilinguals in the U.S. are projected to grow and keep on growing for the foreseeable future. Multilingualism is the future – and you bet that I am going to get on that train now.

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SOWK#4: Reflection

My time at the local refugee center is coming to a close. Since January, I have been slowly but surely completing my 50-hour pre-field placement for the social work curriculum. I’ve posted about some of my experiences here and I have truly learned a lot from working with this agency.

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SOWK#3: What is Diversity?

I have two cool things to share on this blog related to social work. First, on March 15th, I officially applied to be accepted into the SOWK program! Although I am declared and allowed to take certain classes, I cannot take upper levels until I am officially admitted. Second, on the same day, I had […]

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