At this very moment, I am about to board my connection flight and in a mere 17 hours, I will be in Spain. These past few days have honestly been a blur - filled with goodbye hugs & late night packing. In less than 10 minutes, my journey will officially start. See you on the... Continue Reading →



I don't let those fears stop me from going into the city, or going into work. And I won't let them hinder my plans to travel throughout Europe.


Finally, after months and months of waiting, I have my housing assignment for my study abroad program in Salamanca, Spain.


We are in CRUNCH TIME. I cannot believe I have a MONTH until I leave for my semester abroad in Salamanca, Spain. 200 days ago, I thought I would have everything figured out by now. Yet here I am, with nothing done! This means you are going to be seeing a lot of posts in... Continue Reading →

How to Save for Study Abroad

It's super fun to talk about the glamorous parts of studying abroad. But at one point, you're going to have to face the music and think about how you are paying for all those memories.


So even though I have nothing BIG to update you all on, I am going to compile the little pieces of info that have rolled in over the last couple weeks.

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