My Spanish posts have become less frequent over the last couple weeks – not because my love or excitement for the language has lessened – but rather that I’m starting to feel the pre-study abroad jitters.


This past Tuesday, I was finally able to register for the classes that I will be taking in Salamanca. As I get more information in, I will update this post so that you can have a clear idea of what my schedule will be.


Yesterday, we had our LAST official meeting for study abroad. There is still a lot of information they have not given us (itinerary, housing placements, etc) but we got to meet our program director who works at the University of Salamanca.


Today was the massive study abroad orientation that included all the long term programs in the coming year. The most exciting news of the day, however, is…


I am still amazed at how small our cohort is – only 11 people (6 girls, and 5 guys)! It’s strange to think that I will be spending 3.5 months abroad with these people, but I am excited to get to know them.